The rotating mixing stars with the mixing shovels are moving througth the batch in the same direction of rotation as the rotor. Side scrapers force back the material from the wall towards the mixing stars. This ensures entirely homogeneous mixing within shortest time even with difficult material. It is possible to produce up to 60 batches per hour, depending on the concrete quality and the material feeding system. Powerful drive from top to the planetary gear with automatic lubrification. All mixes types from PGM 1125 on are equipped with hydraulic coupling between drive motor and planetary gear. This allows smooth starting of the mixer, also in case of interruptions of the mixing operation. Water jet nozzles which are circularly arranged ensure quick water feeding, and a uniform distribution on the water over the complete batch is given on account of the mixer design. Fast discharge of the mixer by large pneumatically operated gate. Max.4 discharge gates can be provided. For cleaning and routine mainteinance the mixer cover is provided with large flaps with safety limit switches. The whole interior space of the mixing trough is used as mixing room, cleaning is therefore quick and easy.A great advantage of the countercurrent mixing system is the low wear on the high-quality vertical lining plates and the bottom lining plates which can easily be exchanged. 

Therefore, remarkably long lifetime of these wear plates and cost savings. The mixing shovels have rubber linings and are mounted to height-adjustable supporting arms. On request, the mixers can be supplied with a material hoist. The material skip is equipped with a bottom discharge gate and dust flap. The unilayer hoisting cable drum with cut-in cable grooves ensures exact cable guiding and a long lifetime to the cables.